Julien Hoez

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An experienced political analyst, commentator, advisor and public speaker, Julien specialises in European Politics and Foreign affairs, as well as wider International Relations.

Julien currently works with the think tank Vocal Europe, acting as both managing director and board member, where he discussing current affairs within the European Union, as well as international affairs. He also works on the development of the direction and strategy of the organisation, whilst also representing it through his international work.

He has worked with important political actors such as Gina Miller, focussing on Brexit, with civil rights groups such as the3million, as well as on multiple campaigns related to French, British and European elections.

Julien is frequently invited to discuss current affairs on news organisations such as BBC News, BBC World News, Euronews and Al Jazeera English, discussing key topics related to current affairs and politics, as well as speaking at schools such as Paris Dauphine where he shares his insight with students who are interested in current affairs.


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