Julien Hoez regularly contributes to media discussions, offering his knowledge of European and international politics, some of which you can read below.


British Politicking Puts Us All At Risk

05 June 2019

The Battle for Europe: Europe in 2019

12 January 2019

European Union Flag.jpg

Brexit: the never-ending story continues

11 December 2018

The lady’s not for turning

21 September 2018

Theresa May
Julien Hoez at the Brexit APPG

Why they just don’t get it

20 September 2018

Could the Chequers Summit be the Brexit Breakthrough that Theresa May Needs?

10 July 2018

Julie Ward

Julie Ward on the role of Youth and Civil Society in the Western Balkans

22 June 2018

Monday Talks on ”European Republic”

14 May 2018


How democracy prevailed in Armenia

24 April 2018

Erdogan’s Parallel State in Kosovo Functions Despite Prime Minister Haradinaj

30 March 2018

Political Conference
Vladimir Putin Supporters

What to expect from Putin’s Russia for the six years ahead?

21 March 2018

Keep Calm and Keep Negotiating

02 March 2018

Michel Barnier and David Daivs at the European Council

What is the Future of European Democracy?

26 February 2018

Monday Talk with Birgit Van Hout, UN Human Rights Representative for Europe

22 January 2018


The ones to watch in Europe in 2018

19 January 2019

The Eastern Drift: What is happening within European politics?

21 December 2017


The Reality of Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO)

24 November 2017


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