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Broadcasting and Events

Julien Hoez regularly contributes to media discussions, offering his knowledge of European and international politics, and has appeared on multiple news stations such as Al Jazeera, BBC World News and Euronews.

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What should we expect from Boris Johnson?

24 August 2019

What should we expect from Boris Johnson at the #G7Summit this weekend in Biarritz?

What does Ursula von der Leyen's election mean for Europe?

16 July 2019

Julien Hoez discusses Ursula von der Leyen's election as European Commission President with Lauren Taylor on Al Jazeera English

The European Council Nominations

2 July 2019

Julien Hoez discusses the nomination of Ursula Von Der Leyen for EU Commission President, Charles Michel as EU Council President, Josep Borrell as High Representative and Christine Lagarde as ECB President.

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Julien Hoez discussing Brexit on Al Jazeera

29 March 2019

Julien Hoez discusses Brexit live on Al-Jazeera with Paul Brennan

Can Theresa May deliver a deal for Brexit?

13 December 2018

Julien Hoez discusses the most recent events in the Brexit negotiations with Imran Kahn, Thom Brooks and Jonathan Lis on Al-Jazeera English

Julien Hoez Discussing Brexit on BBC World News

29 March 2018

Julien Hoez discusses Brexit one year on from the referendum, with Christian Fraser, Katia Widlak and Catherine Barnard on BBC World News

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The Western Balkans and EU Integration

21 June 2018

Julien Hoez chairs an expert panel discussing key topics surrounding EU-Western Balkans relations, as part of Vocal Europe’s research series on the Western Balkans, in partnership with Science 14.